VII. Istanbul Carbon Summit: Carbon Management, Technologies & Trade
Istanbul Technical University Suleyman Demirel Cultural Center, 10 September 2020

2016 Little Carbon Heroes


little-carbon-heroesSustainable Production and Consumption Association (SPCA), being in line with its target of building capacity in the community on the sustainability phenomenon for production-consumption and service, increasing the awareness of the subject, and creating widespread impact with national and international events, will make consecutive events coordinative with İstanbul Carbon Summit by reaching children with the title of “Little Carbon Heroes” to bring them “Sustainable Living Culture” and to contribute to the growing generations who have good carbon management skills. As a pilot school for the first event, a cooperation has been made with ITU Development Foundation Dr. Sedat Üründül Private Kindergarten which has an eco-school title. With the “Little Carbon Heroes’ Show” on 15 April 2016 within the scope of III.İstanbul Carbon Summit, the children will draw attention to the importance of carbon reduction with their songs, and show to the delegates what to do to protect the environment and to combat with climate change by illustrating their dream world with their drawings. The awareness within friend-family-school triangle will gradually increase with the colorful and musical struggle against climate change of the children who will say for their planet and future that “Against carbon, we do also have a word to say”. Therefore, each child, who is concerned about his/her environment and wants to protect it, will be a hope for us and for our Earth.  You may watch “Little Carbon Heroes Show” which is the first on its subject.