X. İstanbul Karbon Zirvesi | 14-15 Nisan 2025 İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi Süleyman Demirel Kültür Merkezi
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For the climate crisis, food and water security, health and biodiversity, ecosystems must be repaired and renewed. The healthier our ecosystems are, the healthier the planet and people are. For our future, we must prevent biodiversity from being at increased risk.

Saying that the next 10 years are our last chance against the climate crisis and mass extinction, Chairwoman of the Sustainable Production and Consumption Association Professor Dr. Filiz Karaosmanoğlu called for participation in the ecosystem renewal campaign

It will be celebrated with the theme of ‘Ecosystem Regeneration’…

Making the announcement that the United Nations Decade of Ecosystem Renewal (2021-2030) mobilization will be launched on June 5, World Environment Day, Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Faculty Member and Sustainable Production and Consumption Association (SÜT-D) Chairwoman Professor Dr. Filiz Karaosmanoğlu said, “Let’s be the generation that will make peace with its nature by saying Redesign, Restore and Rebuild. If we are the generations that renew, revitalize and protect their damaged ecosystems, we can reverse this trend by saying stop. For this reason, today’s generations are important and our generation has a high responsibility.”

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