IX. İstanbul Karbon Zirvesi | 6-7 Mayıs 2024 İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi Süleyman Demirel Kültür Merkezi
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Press release…

Let’s lower our digital carbon footprint…

Sustainable Production and Consumption Association (SPCA; SÜT-D) made a call to clean the digital life on account of World Cleanup Day, 19 September.

The importance of reducing the digital carbon footprint emphasized and
drawn attention to reducing its cost.

September 19, World Cleanup Day, is one of the largest global civil movements uniting 180 countries where waste collection and widespread awareness raising are aimed for a cleaner and healthier planet.

This year, Istanbul Technical University Faculty Member and Sustainable Production and Consumption Association (SPCA; SÜT-D) Chairwoman, Professor Dr. Filiz Karaosmanoğlu stated that “Let’s Do It World Foundation” took the civil action by declaring, “Let’s Do It, Clean Digital Waste and Protect Nature” for minimizing the risks in the pandemic.

Dr. Filiz Karaosmanoğlu said, “As SPCA, we will participate in the digital cleaning movement of Turkey’s Let’s Do It and set forth our green power in order to lower the digital carbon footprint of our country.”

Let’s Protect Our Nature and Climate by Reducing Our Carbon Footprint in Our Digital Home…

Stating that we consume electricity in our digital home, while using the internet and in our devices and with this consumption, greenhouse gases are released that cause global temperature increase and climate change, Dr. Karaosmanoğlu warned, “When we make an internet search, send an e-mail, we make a carbon footprint with a small electricity consumption. However, data centres and smart servers provide energy-intensive services, making a high carbon footprint with high electricity consumption.”

Dr. Karaosmanoğlu added, “4.1 billion people, 53.6 percent of the world’s population use the internet. According to the evaluation of Dr. Mike Hazas, an academic at Lancaster University, digital life is responsible for 3.7 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Indicating that its transport is equal to global greenhouse gas emissions, Dr. Hazas predicts greenhouse gas emissions will double by 2025. The result is that surfing online, working and energy consumption are money for our pocket and with a high carbon footprint, climate change means high cost to our planet.”

Let’s Join the Digital Cleaning Movement…

Dr. Karaosmanoğlu emphasized the need to clean our digital wastes, organize our e-mail boxes and files, gain storage space, speed, time and order and also called for ‘Participation in the Digital Cleaning Movement’ in order to be successful online in our digital home.

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